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How to Hire a Traffic Ticket Toronto Paralegal

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hire a traffic ticket Toronto paralegal

You landed here because you want to hire a traffic ticket Toronto Paralegal. We are confident that our team of experienced and knowledgeable paralegals can help you. We understand the stress of dealing with traffic tickets and strive to provide our clients with the best possible outcome.

If you decide to hire us, our Toronto paralegals will provide you with professional, personalized attention and help you navigate the provincial offences court processes promptly and efficiently.

Please fill out the client intake questionnaire to find out how we can assist you with your traffic ticket or fine.

So you got a traffic ticket. What happens next?

Hire a Traffic Ticket Toronto Paralegal


If you ever run into trouble while driving on the road, you may face three penalty areas as the defendant. 

Court Penalties

The first set of penalties, which may include fines and suspension of the driver’s license.

Licensing issues 

The second set may include demerit points, a conviction record, and the like. 


The third set of penalties is the effect of a conviction on insurance costs. Your insurance rates might increase if you are convicted.

The good news is that a traffic ticket can be fought in court. You can fight the traffic ticket yourself or you can hire a traffic ticket Toronto paralegal to fight the ticket for you.


Fight your traffic ticket


Toronto paralegal can fight your offence notice on your behalf. Our Paralegal will advise you on whether you should:


  1. Plead guilty and pay the amount indicated on the ticket. 
  2. Plead guilty before the justice of the peace (in court) with a submission. 
  3. Request for a trial date. 
  4. Or request an early resolution. i.e., first-attendance meeting with the prosecutor, also known as out-of-court negotiations. 


What are Traffic Tickets?


In Toronto, traffic tickets such as speeding or traffic violations are offence notices that indicate a traffic law violation set out in the Highway Traffic Act (HTA)

Provincial Offences Officer (POO) or an Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officer has the authority to lay a charge (serve you with a traffic ticket) if you commit a traffic offence set out in the HTA.


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Common reasons for issuing traffic tickets


The following are the most common highway traffic act offences that would warrant a Provincial Offences Officer or an Ontario Provincial Police officer issuing you a traffic ticket in Ontario.


  • Speeding
  • Racing, contest and stunt driving
  • Traffic lights violation
  • Red light cameras violation
  • Improper turn
  • Following or driving too closely
  • Careless driving 
  • Failure to remain at the scene of an accident
  • Failure to report an accident
  • Failure to pull over for the police
  • Viewing a display screen while driving
  • Using a handheld device while driving
  • Impaired driving




Every one of the common traffic offences above carries a penalty in the form of Fines, Demerit Points, Temporary or Permanent Drivers License Suspension, and Imprisonment. You can find the set fines for traffic offences in Ontario here

You can accumulate up to 15 demerit points, at which point the Ministry of Transportation will suspend your driver’s licence for 30 days. Visit the Ontario website for more information regarding how demerit points work. 


Why Hire Toronto Paralegal for Traffic Tickets or Fines


Trying to fight a traffic ticket alone can harm the situation’s outcome. Hence, hiring a Toronto paralegal who understands how overwhelming and stressful looming legal concerns like traffic tickets and fines can be, shouldn’t be taken for granted. Aside from the fact that a Toronto paralegal will save you money, time, and nerves, they can also help with the following:

Convenience: A Paralegal can represent you in a proceeding under the POA, especially if you received a traffic ticket in a location far from home.

Trial Attendance: How do you fight a traffic ticket in court if you are unfamiliar with the rules, regulations and procedures governing traffic offences?  

Adjournment: A Paralegal can attempt to adjourn the matter to a new date if you cannot attend the trial due to a valid reason, i.e., to review disclosure materials. 

Defence: A Paralegal can develop a strategy for your defence. For example, if your traffic ticket has fatal errors, they can use that as leverage for your defence.

There are many reasons why you should hire a hire a traffic ticket Toronto paralegal to fight your traffic ticket.


How Much are Traffic Ticket Paralegal Fees?


For relatively simple cases, some paralegals may charge anywhere from $300 to $500. However, take note that it will depend on the number of tickets involved, the details of the case, and the location. 

For a more complex or serious case, the fees will typically be within the range of $500 to $1,000. This may sound a bit broad but this is just how it is. Most paralegals prefer giving a specific and exact flat fee quote. 


Steps to Hire a Traffic Ticket Toronto Paralegal


Here are the pointers to follow when hiring a traffic ticket paralegal in Toronto:


Take time to do your research.


Start by checking the Law Society’s Lawyer and Paralegal Directory online. You can look for a paralegal using the Directory by area of law, city, postal code, and name. It also states the practicing status of the Paralegal you are planning to hire. Suppose the Law Society has disciplined the Paralegal or their practice has been restricted for whatever reasons. In that case, the Directory will also inform you right away. 


Know your representative


During your first call with the firm, determine if the initial consultation will be for free, and in case it is not, ask how much you are expected to pay for it. It is perfectly fine to ask to talk directly with the Paralegal representing you. There is nothing wrong with this because they will, after all, be the voice who will advocate on your behalf in court. 


Check reputation.


When deciding on the Paralegal who will represent you in fighting your traffic ticket, among the essential things you need to do is check Google Reviews. Be sure to look only for authentic and fair reviews. You can also talk to people in your circle who might have been in the same situation. 


Ask your questions.


Feel free to ask about the Paralegal’s experience in defending traffic tickets, their qualifications, and what you can expect working from them from beginning to end. Just like all other services you pay for, you have the right to fully understand what services you will receive and the steps your Paralegal will take while fighting your traffic ticket. 


Consider the cost.


Finally, when choosing your traffic ticket paralegal, it is vital to keep the cost in mind. This may vary according to the complexity of your offence, the specific type of services you are looking for, and the duration it will take for the matter to be settled.


Final thoughts


I hope the information provided above is enough to make you decide on whether to hire a traffic ticket Toronto paralegal or fight your ticket yourself.


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